Nintendo Announces SNES Classic Edition

Ships September 29 with 21 games and two controllers for $80

Nintendo today made official something that had been rumored for some time: this coming September 29 it’s releasing the SNES Classic Edition, a tiny replica of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It will retail for $80 and come with two controllers and 21 built-in games. That’s pretty remarkable because during the original run of the SNES I remember single games that retailed for nearly that much.

For some reason I’m actually more excited about this than I was for the NES Classic Edition announcement. I didn’t even try to buy that, largely because I still have my original Nintendo Entertainment System and all of my games. But my brother and I never actually owned an SNES until fairly late in its sales cycle, so we mostly played them in stores or at friends’ houses. To this day though I’ve never been blown away by a retail game demo the way I was the first time I saw Star Fox at Toys ‘R Us as a kid. The whole 3D/polygon thing was unlike anything I had ever seen.

In addition to Star Fox, the games I’m most looking forward to replaying are Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy III. (Which confusingly is actually Final Fantasy VI.) Those are two of my favorite video games of all time. The SNES Classic Edition also comes with Star Fox 2, which was never actually released, though you have to play through Star Fox to unlocked it. (Not a problem.)

I’m definitely going to try to get my hands on one of these, can’t wait to share the experience with my kids!

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