Review — Fuller House, Season 2

If you missed my review of season one of Fuller House you can read it here. In short, I grew up a fan of Full House and absolutely adored the way Netflix revived it. It’s no joke to say it was my favorite new show of 2016. Season 2 arrived this past Fall, and I’ve finally sat down and finished it.

Season one provided a really solid foundation for the show. That might sound surprising given that it’s basically a carbon copy of the original show. But I think the producers very wisely set it up so that you can wrap yourself up in a warm blanket of nostalgia with this show. I think in season two it’s really come into its own. I think they sprinkled in Danny, Uncle Jessie, Aunt Becky, and Uncle Joey just enough without distracting from the main characters. They also dialed back the show’s winking at itself and jabs at the Olsen Twins to just the right degree. But don’t worry, the show still knows how to laugh at itself and that’s welcome. I made the comment on Twitter that I’m usually bothered by fan service, but with Fuller House I love all the fan service. I think that’s because this show really knows what it is and celebrates it. The show does a really good job of walking the line of feeling just like the old show while also updating itself for 2017.

Netflix has already announced that Fuller House will be getting a third season. I’m delighted by that and can’t wait for new episodes. I really hope this show continues well beyond season three. Also, DJ? You’ve totally gotta pick Steve.