Thoughts On The Solo Teasers

The Last Jedi was met with decidedly mixed reactions from film audiences, and almost all the news coming out of Solo: A Star Wars Story has been bad. And up until last night, we’d seen no official promotional materials for a movie that comes out in three months unless you count behind-the-scenes photos from clean-up director Ron Howard. In a slightly unusual move, Disney dropped a 45-second teaser commercial last night during the Super Bowl and then dropped a second 90-second teaser this morning. While we can do little more than speculate about the plot of the film, we now have a lot of images to pour over. And so far, so good! Both of these teasers are really good and they tell us that, if nothing else, we’re going to get some incredible shots from cinematographer Bradford Young.

Though my preferred choice for the role of young Han was Scott Eastwood, I’ve been on record as being pretty positive about Alden Ehrenreich. He was great in Hail Caesar, and despite unflattering rumors about his acting in this film, I think he’ll likely do fine. Of course, stepping into the shoes of one of the most beloved and well-known film characters is a thankless job, and there’s no way he’s going to be universally accepted in the role. But I think if the movie is good and Ehrenreich’s performance is good, people will get behind it. He’s clearly not going for an impersonation of Harrison Ford, which is probably for the best.

I love the opening scene from the teaser where Han is flipping on switches and throwing levers in the cockpit of the Falcon. I’m a jaded, jaded Star Trek fan who is still upset that the producers of Star Trek: Discovery protest that it would be impossible to be faithful to the look of the original Star Trek series in 2018. But Rogue One and now Solo are perfect examples of how you can relentlessly recreate cheesy decades-old design and fans will love you for it. It doesn’t matter that the tech all has unrealistic switches and colored indicator lights. You know why? Because acting and storytelling allow you to just accept it. So you know what Star Trek producers? You can… Ahem. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Always good to see Chewie, and Donald Glover looks great as Lando. Han’s not the only larger-than-life beloved character in this film, and I can’t wait to see how Glover takes on that role. I mean, no one can out-charisma Billy Dee Williams, right? And Woody Harrelson’s inclusion in any movie makes me want to see it. We see in the teaser his character recruiting Han for some kind of mission. The Kessel Run perhaps?

The Last Jedi left me in a depressed state with regards to the Star Wars brand. Solo actually gives me some hope that we may see good Star Wars on screen again. And soon. In the words of Uhura, “All my hopes.” (Do the sci-fi franchise police now come and arrest me for mixing Wars and Trek too much?)